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Hollywood and Nashville recording artist, HOYT HUGHES, was destined to live in the world of music from the day he was born. Growing up in the beautiful countryside of Lakeland, Florida, the cowboy’s entire family was already a neighborhood favorite for porch music and songwriting. His brother, Travis Hughes, taught him how to play the guitar. His favorite contribution to their music was playing the spoons while others sang. His singing he kept to himself, even from his own family, until he was grown.

While dating his lovely wife, Wendy-Lynn, she dropped by his home un-announced and heard him in the back yard playing guitar and singing. She knew immediately there was a special quality to his voice that should be heard by the masses. She encouraged him to go out and sing with his brother’s band locally in Lakeland. With shaky hands and hat down low, he fired off a standing ovation version of an old country song, Keith Whitley’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes.” That moment has changed his life forever. Hoyt Hughes belonged on a stage (and in a recording studio)!

Hoyt began a journey onto the stages of various contests locally in Florida… and then on to the finals in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. When he won the national competition, everyone knew for sure he was a star.

By now his family was on the bandwagon, and his stepfather, Bobby, threw him in his pickup truck and headed for Nashville. They slept in every parking lot in Nashville, and Bobby pushed him onto every stage in Nashville. By the close of that first trip, Hoyt was invited to perform at the Midnight Jamboree at the Grand Ol’ Opry.

Taking on a job at the local Lakeland power plant to provide for his family and save up dollars to record songs in Nashville, Hoyt was introduced to the recording world of country music. Budding producers and songwriters were jumping on board to engage Hoyt in recording their songs. Often times these recordings were made in the garage of a local Nashville producer. Many of these previous recordings hold up as amazing songs and vocals. “Stomp On” managed to move up on the Country Music Row chart for weeks without any publicity whatsoever.

Other amazing recordings from those days include:

All Good In The Woods, , What Turns You On, Happy Ending, etc.

Hughes formed the Hoyt Hughes Band (from the best and brightest central Florida musicians) locally in Lakeland, to begin putting these and other country/ rock songs on the stage. His fan base in his hometown grew at rapid speed, and the Hoyt Hughes Band performed at every given opportunity. Weddings, backyard bbq’s, Festivals, bars and clubs. As his popularity increased he was confident to write and perform more original songs. The one quote heard over and over became “why aren’t you famous yet?” As fate would have it… his dreams were about to come true.

His Florida supporters would have a connection to Hollywood that none of them could’ve imagined. A friend of a friend, managed to have an award winning Los Angeles television producer (with multiple connections to Florida) listen to one of Hoyt’s songs. Immediately sensing the potential, Production Partners, Inc. (Burbank, CA) set out to find the perfect record producer to record an original song written by Hughes and… miraculously… landed music legend, KEVIN SAVIGAR. Savigar is best known for his long time collaborations with Rod Stewart… and in addition his multi-platinum and award winning status over the years with mega- artists including, John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan, etc. With these two Hollywood powerhouses backing Hoyt’s talent… the rest of the Hoyt Hughes story to date, falls neatly into place.

In early 2016, Production Partners, Inc. created a record label division of their television company (Cowboy Records) specifically to handle the recording of Hoyt’s original song LET IT RAIN, in association with Savigar. Kevin Savigar says of Hoyt’s voice “”I loved the sound of Hoyt’s voice when I first heard his demo. He sings from that special place in the heart that completely pulls you into the song.”

Multi-Emmy and CableAce Award Nominee and Emmy and multi-CableAce Winner Sandy Chanley of Production Partners says of the song recording: “Kevin Savigar created a sound for this song that is completely unique, even while using traditional country instrumentation. The gentle strokes and waves throughout the song make it completely different from anything ever heard before.” And about the artist himself “Hoyt Hughes vocal has a haunting quality that takes the listener to another place and time.”

Production Partners/Cowboy Records, and Kevin Savigar Music, have signed Hoyt Hughes on to create his first album, combining a mix of original songs and some hand picked covers for Hoyt Hughes and the Hoyt Hughes Band message. Hughes has always dreamed of changing people with his music.

The band’s signature sound is currently evolving, guided by the brilliant crafting of Kevin Savigar…

Sandy Chanley describes it’s powerful uniqueness as “Western Country.” A new spin on the genre itself.

Hoyt Hughes is currently in Los Angeles recording, and living in both, Lakeland, Florida and California. His wife, Wendy-Lynn and family and friends are excited and in total support of his new music ventures.

In Hoyt’s own words “If there were ever a dream in your heart… or a star you wanted to reach for… never give up because believing is your first step, and climbing… is time.” Look out Nashville… Hoyt Hughes is headed back your way!!!

Production Partners, Inc./Cowboy Records


Kevin Savigar Music